Black LGBTQ+ pioneers who influenced the LGBT movement!

To start of Pride month I would like us to acknowledge the contribution of black activists to the LGBTQ+ movement. Black LGBTQ+ people have paved the way for the entire queer community. In particular, we have to thank Marsha P. Johnson, American gay liberation activist and self-identified drag queen, who took part in the StonewallContinue reading “Black LGBTQ+ pioneers who influenced the LGBT movement!”

The Angry Black Woman?

There is a stereotype, a haunting shadow of a stereotype which screams that the fearless, outspoken black woman is merely an “Angry Black Woman”. Black women have been countlessly silenced. For example during slavery, in the workplace and with their lack of media representation. The world shuts them out and if they speak up theyContinue reading “The Angry Black Woman?”

Why is mental health such a taboo in the black community?

The black community can have is this warped view, passed generationally, that having a mental illness is shameful. Within my family mental illness is seen as something that should be hidden, swept under the rug and definitely not discussed. The belief that seeking professional help is weak in the black community enforces the idea thatContinue reading “Why is mental health such a taboo in the black community?”

Is there any point in a black history month?

Black history month is a month where black people, culture and history are celebrated. What first began as Negro history week, was expanded to a whole month by President Gerald Ford in 1976. Some question why the history of black people is celebrated for only a month and seemed to be ignored for the restContinue reading “Is there any point in a black history month?”

Colourism In The Music Industry

For years there has been a lack of representation of dark skinned women in the music industry. Black empowerment movements seem to be at their zenith in today’s society, black culture is celebrated and black superheroes exist! (Black Panther, 2018). Despite this, it seems difficult for dark-skinned female rappers and singers like Ray Blk orContinue reading “Colourism In The Music Industry”

The Natural Hair Movement!

Historically, the natural state of black people’s hair has been subjected to scrutiny by society and characterised as “wild”, “unkept” and “unprofessional”. Which meant that they often chemically straightened their hair or wore wigs. In the 70’s, during The civil Rights movement the Black Panther Party popularised the afro and used it as a politicalContinue reading “The Natural Hair Movement!”

A brief intro on colourism today.

Colourism is the discrimination against a group of darker skinned people based on the preference for lighter skin tones. It is a seed planted and deeply rooted in society by white supremacy, however it is watered by many communities, like the black and Asian communities. In these communities skin bleaching is sometimes used to achieveContinue reading “A brief intro on colourism today.”

Caring excessively about what others think will destroy your life, like it did mine!

In these 19 years that I have lived, I have cared way too much about what people have thought about me. This excessive self consciousness has consequently destroyed my life! Okay fine I’m being a tad dramatic. However, caring about what people have thought about me in the past has really set me back inContinue reading “Caring excessively about what others think will destroy your life, like it did mine!”

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