The Angry Black Woman?

There is a stereotype, a haunting shadow of a stereotype which screams that the fearless, outspoken black woman is merely an “Angry Black Woman”.

Black women have been countlessly silenced. For example during slavery, in the workplace and with their lack of media representation. The world shuts them out and if they speak up they are instantly labelled as angry.

Black women often feel the need to keep quiet about their wants and needs with the fear of coming across as too aggressive.

I’m enraged by the way society undermines black women. And angered by the discrimination that we face and have had to endure. I am infuriated. Yes, I am a black woman. However I will not subscribe to that narrative that I am an angry black woman.

You don’t have to silence yourself because of the fear of this shadow. Be loud. Be outspoken and be proud!

All Paintings by me (Andrea Halloway)
from the series
“The Silencing of the Black Woman”

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