Why is mental health such a taboo in the black community?

The black community can have is this warped view, passed generationally, that having a mental illness is shameful. Within my family mental illness is seen as something that should be hidden, swept under the rug and definitely not discussed.

The belief that seeking professional help is weak in the black community enforces the idea that mental health is something we should be ashamed of.

This opinion that black people are indestructible and can’t be weak may stem from colonial times. Harriet A Washignton’s “Medical Apartheid” speaks on the horrific medical experimentation on African Americans. She describes the cruel treatments they experienced and how they were treated like subhumans, unable to feel pain. Black people may feel the need to conceal their pain like they had to centuries before.

Protest against ‘Father of Gynaecology’ Statue (23/08/17)

However to tackle this negative stigma of mental health issues in the black community, we must speak up and accommodate people who suffer with mental illnesses, not isolate or shame them!

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