Colourism In The Music Industry

For years there has been a lack of representation of dark skinned women in the music industry.

Black empowerment movements seem to be at their zenith in today’s society, black culture is celebrated and black superheroes exist! (Black Panther, 2018). Despite this, it seems difficult for dark-skinned female rappers and singers like Ray Blk or Little Simz to top the charts when light-skinned artists like Jorja Smith do so with ease.

Ray Blk
Little Simz

This issue of colourism has even been raised by Beyoncé’s father, who said that his daughters Beyoncé and Solange, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s success are attributed to their light skin. Without it he questions how successful all of them would’ve been.

The music industry continues to reinforce what is deemed as an acceptable face of black womanhood. Arguably, one that is more digestible to the public eye, lighter skinned black women.

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One thought on “Colourism In The Music Industry

  1. You have carried on a fascinating series of posts, which are illustrated well.

    This is generally clearly written. However, check for hyphenation when more than word is used as a modifier, such as an adjective. So it should be ‘dark-skinned’ and ‘light-skinned’. Maybe you could have used ‘reinforce’, rather than ‘uphold’.

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