The Natural Hair Movement!

Historically, the natural state of black people’s hair has been subjected to scrutiny by society and characterised as “wild”, “unkept” and “unprofessional”. Which meant that they often chemically straightened their hair or wore wigs.

In the 70’s, during The civil Rights movement the Black Panther Party popularised the afro and used it as a political symbol of defiance.

Nigerian author Chimnanda Ngozi Adichie says that:

“When you have natural hair that is Black, it stands up and it is not really considered mainstream”

Despite this black women are dismantling Eurocentric beauty standards and wearing their natural hair like a crown and we are here for it!

The proliferation of this movement is changing the view that natural hair is subversive. Chris Rock’s documentary ‘Good Hair’ (2009), Solange’s song ‘Don’t touch my hair’ and with Hollywood actors wearing their natural hair such as Lupita Nyong’o, conversations about natural hair are being made!

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